Equestrian Meridian Energy Workshops

I offer Equestrian Meridian Energy Workshops which focus on working with the Meridians and the Five Element System in an equine context.

The training that I propose is based on the classic Five Element System of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the underlying idea that different emotions are linked to specific meridians. When we pick up on a recurrent emotion, we can use the Five Elements to find out where it is located in the body. We use Systematic Kinesiology in the workshops to confirm that the emotion is ready to be balanced.

The workshop enables participants to familiarise themselves with the Five Element System, and learn to trace specific meridians for each of the five elements. A hands on approach enables each participant to choose a meridian and within that meridian a specific emotional issue. We then ask the horses directly for their help in a dedicated period of healing.

The workshops are accompanied by hand-outs and a practical training which enables participants to walk away with tools for working with their emotions and their own horses.

Future workhops to be announced.


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