Systematic kinesiology is the art of balancing the body using the techniques of muscle testing.

EACH muscle is linked to an organ and a meridian: how the muscle switches on and off gives the kinesiologist insight into how the respective systems are balanced. Our aim is to bring your body into balance using its own language. Our work touches on structure, nutrition, energy and emotion. A session may take in any or several of these directions. The kinesiologist is respectful of what your body wishes to share, and uses the body’s subtlety to balance.

Consultations are curently by arrangement as home visits. I mainly serve the Wells, Bath and Glastonbury area. I propose single sessions, series of 3, Reiki distance or hands-on treatments.

I am currently developing an equestrian offer adapted to energy-balancing riders and their horses. Please visit my Equine page here.

I offer one and two day workshops to explore emotions and the Meridians. These involve working with our emotions and training in energy techniques which can then be applied at home and with your horse. Please visit my Workshop page here.


  Please contact me for further information, via email or text on 0777 604 3705,
to see how I may help you.

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