When you mount your horse, your energy body interacts with your horse's energy body. If you are both balanced, the interaction will be optimal. However, imagine the situation in which the your meridians are, for example, running backwards. Your horse already knows!

If you have already experienced a kinesiology session, you will be familiar with the therapy room, the supplements and test kits used by your kinesiologist during the balancing process. Working with you and your horse is however an entirely different experience altogether. It opens into a complicity which perhaps you have not experienced before, as we are working directly with your energy circuits and those of your horse. Imagine being able to share in his or her healing process!

When we balance a person we are looking at their body in isolation from other energy-bodies. As such, the body is a closed circuit and we can look to see what is required in terms of work with structure, nutrition, energy and emotion. When we work with your horse, you will become the link between myself and your horse – your horse is going to speak through you. It is a very special kind of sharing. And whether it is via a nutritional exploration or pure energy work, the messages are going to pass between you as the balance is carried out.

As with human kinesiology, we work with the four realms of stucture, nutrition, emotions and energy. And as humans and horses share a common body plan, we can move between you and your horse in both a structural and an energetic sense.

Testing in your stable or yard is slightly more complicated than working in the therapy room, so I have devised simple methods with key muscles that are available for testing in the equestrian environment. I have also adapted the time scale to suit — shorter periods of testing of around 35 minutes seem to me best adapted and avoid tiring your horse. It is important that your horse enjoys this attention and that we do not ask too much. Horses are so curious about this process!

Beyond the balancing work carried out in a kinesiology session, I have also developed a short protocol specifically to help riders so that I can balance you for five key energy components: hydration, intra-cellular communication, meridian directions, chakras, and vagus nerve. Once you are balanced, we run through the same sequence and can see how your horse is balanced. Corrections are carried out via your own energy circuit. We then retest to verify that the correction holds.

You might ask why is the vagus nerve so important? Do join me in some energy work to find out!

Whilst we can always go straight to the yard for our first kinesiology session, experience shows that a your balancing may be necessary before we begin with your horse. The ideal combination is one full human session via home visit, followed by a series of Equine sessions with your horse once you yourself are in balance. These sessions can focus on nutrition, musculature, injury or emotional issues depending upon what shows up during our sessions and the history of your horse, where known.

Your kinesiology session of 75 minutes will be £65.
Your horse's session of 30 minutes is priced at £45.

Discounts are available for multiple bookings and series.
Concessions are also available according to your circumstances.
Please ask!

Kinesiology in the stable is very enjoyable. Your horse will be aware of the energetic work you are doing. Our work will add another level of complicity between you and your horse.

For more information on my approach, please text me on 0777 604 3705. SMS is essential as there is almost no signal in this part of the countryside. Please leave your number, mentioning Equine Kinesiology, and I will call you back as soon as I receive your message.

The best way to contact me is via email me at peter.kinesiology@gmail.com.

  Please contact me for further information, via email or SMS on 0777 604 3705,
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